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How it all began

Originally from Syria, Dr. Alobeid came to the U.S. in 1997 to pursue his medical education and to become Board Certified to practice family medicine. Dr.Alobeid graduated from the University of Damascus, School of Medicine, and completed his residency at The Methodist Hospital in Merrillville, and also serves as a staff physician at Methodist Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital. He has been Board Certified in family medicine since 2004. He is also Board Certified in Obesity Medicine. Nowadays, Dr.Alobeid and his family reside in Valparaiso, and they grow their own vegetables and raise their own chickens to teach his children where food really comes from. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling and spending time with his family.

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Your well-being is our main priority

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With over 18 years in business, Dr. Yaser Alobeid and his team hav been providing Merrillville, Indiana and the surrounding Northwest Indiana area with medical exams and a variety of family medical care services; from children to adults.

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Our values

The values that drive everything we do

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Personalised Care

We prides ourselves on treating each patient according to his or her specific and personal medical needs using an individualized and preventative approach,

Unwavering support

Dr. Alobeid encourages his patients to conduct “Weight Loss the Right Way” to help them lose weight and prevent other health issues that often arise as a result of obesity.

Deep compassion

We are extremely caring and enthusiastic about quality patient care and strive to ensure that you have an excellent experience at our office.

Constant Improvement

We stay up-to-date and invest in the latest technology to improve and better inform our patients’ obesity management.

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Nested in the heart of Indiana, our clinic offers a serene environment for all your health needs. From state-of-the-art facilities to warm, personalized care, we are equipped to assist you on your journey to wellness. Get in touch or drop by to experience our commitment to your health firsthand.

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Visit our Chicago office and find a haven for healing in the bustling city. Our expert team is ready to provide you with comprehensive medical services in a modern, comfortable setting. Whether you're seeking medical advice or specialized care, we're here to welcome you

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Frequently asked questions

For a complete list of FAQs, click here.

How many hospital branches do you have?

We have two branches, one in Merriville, Indiana and the other in Gold Coast, Chicago. You can find more details here.

Does my health insurance cover the weight loss treatment?

Physician visits, dietician sessions, some medications, and blood tests are covered by most insurance policies. However, body composition tests are not always covered and cost $75 each. Body composition tests are important for tracking your progress and will be administered at the start of the weight loss program and again every 3 to 6 months. For more information about the body composition test, please visit our website, and watch the video under weight loss the right way.

What is the cost of the weight loss program if I don't have insurance?

We offer flexible and affordable plans, designed to work with any budget. You can also enroll in the monthly membership plans to reduce the cost of each visit. For more details please visit the pricing page.

How quickly should I expect to start losing weight?

Some patients exhibit immediate weight loss within the first two weeks of starting our program, while others take between four and six weeks to start losing weight. A healthy weight loss rate is about 2 pounds per week, which equates to 8 pounds per month.