What our great clients say about us

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“I have lost over 60lbs”

In November of 2022, I was diagnosed with type two diabetes. Leading me to start a medication called mounjaro. I was 255lbs and 5’7. I have been seeing dr Alobeid since March 2023 and as of today October 2023 I weigh 192lbs. Seeing him monthly and keeping myself in check I have lost over 60lbs and my blood pressure’s lower, my a1c is lower and I discovered I was insulin resistant while visiting as he knew what tests to run and check of causes of obesity. I recommend not waiting any longer if you struggle with weight. Start your healthy journey now. He will teach you many things that contribute to weight gain and it’s not always about food.

Mandycat Campbell

“His entire staff are absolutely wonderful!”

Dr.Alobeid, Megan and his entire staff are absolutely wonderful! My normal general doctor told me that 210 might just be my normal weight since diet, fasting and working out wasn’t working. But as soon as I started seeing Dr.Alobeid and with the medicine he put me on I lost 45lbs. I had a knee surgery and I gain a little back but I have been able to maintain pretty well and I feel great! I’m so thankful! You have to listen to him and his staff.. have patience and stick to the medicine, a good diet and a least a little exercise. Again I can’t say enough about how great it’s been to be a patient of his!! Thank you!!

Meghan Willis

“Thank you Dr. Alobeid”

I can’t say enough about the staff at Dr Alobeid’s office.  One employee has gone ABOVE ABOVE ABOVE and WAY!!!!! BEYOND what I have ever have experienced with care and duties from a health care office.  LAUREN not only worked on providing answers and resolution after hours (and before hours) but made absolute sure that my husband was not left with a lapse in medication. She provided ideas and resolution to the problem with insurance and even a backup plan if that fell through. Thank you Dr Alobeid for having such quality human beings in your office staff. Thank you ladies. -N Trejo

Nicole Trejo

“I Love the staff”

I Love the staff at this office so Caring and Professional.  I had been having a hard time loosing weight and it was affecting my health. Well i came to see Dr. Alobeid in 3/30/21. Since then i have lost almost 30 pounds and down 3 pants sizes! My health has also improved. My blood pressure is lower and my A1C is lower. I was taught what to eat and how important exercise is to help with weight lose. I have not felt this good about myself in Decades! THANK YOU DR.ALOBEID!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WONDERFUL DOCTOR.

Dee Harlston

“Dr. Alobeid has changed my life!”

I've been coming here since June!! So far I've lost almost 30 pounds! Dr. Alobeid has changed my life! He has shown me a new way of life for sure and a healthy one at that. Im so glad I made the decision to come here . It was super easy to set the first appointment and every appointment since then.The staff is so friendly and the best!  They are a great team for sure.  Dr Alobeid takes the time to talk to you at every appointment and does not rush either. He truly cares about your health also . Thank you Dr Alobeid!!

Jes VanBlaricom

“ I would highly recommend Dr. Alobeid”

Dr. Alobeid has given me the tools I need to get where I need to be in my weight loss journey. I finally have been placed in the hands of a real weight loss professional who knows what they are doing, and has the compassion and knowledge to educate me and guide me on my path.  His office staff is very kind and friendly and everyone always treats you with warm welcomes and encourages you to do your best! I would highly recommend Dr. Alobeid's office.

Yesenia Rivera