Dr. Yaser Alobeid

Dr. Yaser Alobeid

About Dr. Yaser Alobeid

As the esteemed Founder and CEO of our clinic, Dr. Yaser Alobeid stands at the forefront of obesity and family medicine. With a double board certification, Dr. Alobeid brings a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and innovation to his practice. His deep commitment to patient care is evident in his holistic approach, which incorporates cutting-edge medical treatments with tailored lifestyle modifications to promote optimal health outcomes.

Dr. Alobeid’s journey in medicine is fueled by a passion for understanding and combating the complex nature of obesity. His expertise extends beyond treatment to also focus on prevention, education, and the ongoing support necessary for sustained wellness. Patients appreciate his ability to listen attentively and create a nurturing environment where they are actively involved in their health decisions.

Through years of dedicated service, Dr. Alobeid has earned the trust of his patients and the respect of the medical community. His leadership at the clinic is not just about medical excellence but also about inspiring positive lifestyle changes that resonate well beyond the walls of the clinic.

Dr. Alobeid is double board-certified in family medicine and obesity medicine with over  14 years in business, Dr. Yaser Alobeid has been providing Merrillville, Indiana and the surrounding Northwest Indiana area with medical exams and a variety of family medical care and obesity medicine services; from children to adults.

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Double Board-certified Obesity and Family Medicine Physician

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